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Scribbs is born as a form of rejection or peaceful protest against the inequality, intolerance and corruption that flood all institutions and organisations in existence in our societies. Based on logic and reason, Scribbs relies on 3 basic pillars which convey a clear message of tolerance and justice.


Gender equality

Scribbs believes in political, economic, and social gender equality, not as a feminist law, but as a basic idea of equality and justice concerning both men and women.


LGBT pride

Scribbs believes we should be free to choose our romantic partners regardless of our race, sex or religion, and no other individual, political or religious institution has the right to judge us for simply seeking happiness.


Climate Justice

Scribbs believes we have to respect Mother Nature and stop behaving like parasites that pollute, destroy and extinguish all resources we have shamelessly appropriated.




  Scribbs Logo

Scribbs' logo is inspired by the legends of American-Indian ethnic groups, who saw good and evil without contrast, and believed in supreme beings that offered both rewards and punishments.


Scribbs' logo shows the scale that maintains the balance of things, but, unlike normal scales which are leveled by equal forces, Scribbs' balance results from opposing forces, making opposites necessary. The doodle represents this idea with its arms pointing in opposite directions but sitting on the same base, and finishing on a single direction or head.


Therefore, all individuals would be nothing more than a doodle resulting from the perfect oscillation of opposing forces, which are necessary to generate balance and stability.